MaltaWebShop.Com is a Malta based Online Shop that offers a range of Ornated Press Button Water Taps and matching Back Plates

Wall Mounted Push Button Taps - These decorative press button taps come in various designs and in either polished brass or antique bronze finish and are available in 1/2'' thread size. Matching rosettes and back plates are also available.

These practical push button water taps are a great fit to any garden, yard, roof or driveway and water fountains.

At ArtDecoTaps.Com you can browse all the indoor and outdoor decorative taps in either brass or bronze finish that we can supply from stock or by pre-order.

To physically view or check which tapware is currently in stock contact us.
MaltaWebShop.Com Push Button Water Taps
Push Button Water Taps, Rosettes and Back Plates in Antique Bronze Finish -  The water taps, matching rosettes and back plates can be purchased separately and as needed.

Dimensions: PBT226 1/2'': 140mm overall (30mm threaded)

Price: €68 incl. 18% VAT

Delivery: Contact MaltaWebShop.Com

Dimensions: PBT062 1/2'': 140mm overall (30mm threaded)includes ESC062 backplate: Diameter 55mm

Price: €68 incl. 18% VAT


Dimensions: PBT257 1/2'': 130mm overall (10mm threaded) includes a fitted backplate: Diameter 55mm

Price: €45 incl. 18% VAT

Wall mounted press button water in Malta  tap in Malta
Dimensions: PBT265 1/2'': 170mm overall (50mm threaded)
includes a fitted backplate: Diameter 60mm

Price: €78 incl. 18% VAT

The decorative push button taps displayed at displayed at MaltaWebShop.Com is supplied by Renaissance Arts Company Limited, Malta and marketed through MaltaWebShop.Com and occasionally at a few other selected outlets.

A complete water fountain and indoor and outdoor tap selection can be seen at ArtDecoTaps.Com

We accept payment by bank transfer or cash on delivery.

Delivery: By post or otherwise within Malta and Gozo. Within Malta we can offer a 'see before you decide' option were a meeting can be arranged to view the item before committing for any purchase.

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