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Small Oak Barrel, Kegs, Casks
5, 10 Liter Vinegar Making Kegs
Vinegar, Oil Glass Cruets
Glass Wine Thief
Tete a tete sets
Small Trinket Porcelain Boxes
Smaller Trinket Porcelain Boxes
Wooden Chess Boards
Wooden Chess Pieces
Velveteen Chess Bags
Pewter Key Ring, Chains
Silver Plated Money Clips
Tie Bar, Cufflinks
Brass, Stainless Wine Taps
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Wooden Cask, Wood Chess Board, Glass Oil & Vinegar Cruet, Liquor Bottles, Trinket & Jewelry Porcelain Box, Pewter Gifts, Malta Online Gift Shop

Sale of Wooden Casks & Vinegar Kegs, Wood Chess Boards, Class Oil & Vinegar Cruets, Liquor Bottles, Trinket & Jewelry Porcelain Boxes, Pewter Gifts, Malta Online Gift Shopping from MaltaWebShop.Com, A Malta Based Online Internet Gift Shop offering a Unique Selection of Fine European Works such as:

  • Hand Crafted Wooden Gifts including Small Oak Wine Barrels and Casks, Vinegar Kegs and Chess Boards;

  • Mouth Blown Glass Gifts including Fine Oil and Vinegar Cruets, Embossed Decorative Liquor Bottles, Traditional Wine Pipette and Wine Dispensers;

  • Hand Made and Painted Porcelain Gifts including Artistically Painted Tete-a-Tete Coffee Sets and Jewellery Boxes;

  • Pewter Gifts in Antique or Goldplated Finish including Key Rings, Key Chains, Money Clips, Tie bars and Cufflinks with Aircraft, Aviation, Motoring and Sport Themes.

:: Our Offer and Service is Ideal for Persons Living Overseas  that have Friends or Relatives Residing in Malta and Wish to send them a Reasonably Original and Hard to Find Gift for Occasions such as Mother & Father's Day, Christmas, Anniversaries and Birthdays. MaltaWebShop.Com offers you a Reliable and Efficient service without incurring any of the considerable shipping costs should you send such Gift via International Mail::

The Gifts shown in this WebSite are Offered Exclusively by Renaissance Arts Company Limited, Malta through  MaltaWebShop.Com and a few other Selected Outlets. We accept Online Payment by Credit Card, Pay Pal, Local Cheques, Bank Transfer and deliver via courier, post or otherwise within Malta, Gozo, Europe and Internationally. Within Malta we can offer a 'see before you decide' option were we can arrange a meeting to View and Item before deciding to Buy or Otherwise. For complete information about ordering, shipping and returns please go Here or call at 356 21 632623

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The Gift Range

3 Liter oak keg with black steel rings, wooden stand, brass tap and plugSmall Oak Wine Barrels, Kegs & Casks: Workable and highly decorative miniature oak wine barrels, kegs and casks good for holding and serving wine Available in either black or brass rings and are supplied complete with a wooden stand, plug and brass tap. ( for Trade Enquiries visit ArtisanBarrels.Eu )




Vinegar Making Kegs: - These different Oak Barrels are custom Made for Vinegar Making, and should make a great gift for any Home Vinegar Making Enthusiast.






Mouth Blown and Hand Made Glass Cruets and Dispensers: - Finest Quality Oil and Vinegar Cruets and Dispenser that would enhance the look of any Dinner Table and Serving. Ideal to serve Fine Quality Olive Oils and Vinegars.







Glass Wine Thief: In stock we have a number of Rare, Hard to Find Mouth Blown, Hand Made Traditional Style Wine Thief. Pipettes. These were, and can be used to Sample the Wines Directly from the Barrel and monitor the maturing progress.



Porcelain tete-a-tete: Currently we offer a single, eight-piece handmade and handpainted tete a' tete. Such a particular design is quite unique and a rarity especially in this highly artistic decoration. 




Small Porcelain Jewel Boxes: Currently includes a number of original handmade and artistically handpainted porcelain boxes with a diameter of about 100mm. We offer a varied selection in these unique hand painted decorations including some in luster finish which like all the rest is custom created by us. Hard to find, original and unique, these creations are ideal to put jewellery, bracelets and trinket.



Smaller Porcelain Jewel Boxes: Additionally, we also offer some other equally original smaller porcelain boxes with a round diameter of about 85mm also artistically custom handpainted with a predominant floral decoration. Ideal for holding smaller jewel and trinket is also available in various colours to match any background.



Porcelain Tray: Our last porcelain item is a single tray as available in the eight-piece tete a' tete. Finely decorated at the same standard as all our porcelain, such a plate is also quite rare to come across especially in our highly artistic design.




Handcrafted Chess Board:  Artisan handmade wooden chess board in plywood and finished in Walnut / Mahogany natural veneer and laquer. Besides for playing chess, this item is highly approriate to decorate table and furniture tops. 




Handcrafted Chess Pieces: A novice wooden chess set. Handcrafted in beechwood. Unweighted and suitable for 40/50mm chess board squares. Currently only available in dark red and natural wood colour. Available in three sizes. Supplied in a quality velveteen bag. 




Pewter Selection: Keyrings finished in either 22 carat gold plated or antique finish. Supplied in a smart blister package. Models include Aibus 320, Boeing 737, Cessna 150/172, Concorde, Spitfire, Hurricane, Harrier, Tornado, Avro Vulcan, Pilot Helmet, Crash Helmet, Formula 1 and Go-Kart.





Pewter Selection: Money Clips finish in finest British 22 carat gold plated money clips. Ideal to keep money notes tidy in pocket or bag. Supplied in an attractive jewellery box. Models include Concorde, Spitfire, Tornado, Steering, Formula 1 and Golf bag.





Pewter Selection: Tiebars and cufflink sets elegantly use 'American' style toggle backs and 'aligator' tiebar for ease of use and security. Available in 22 carat gold plate and prestented in a smart jewellery box. Models include Cessna 150/172, Concorde, Spitfire, Rugby, Formula 1 and Go-Kart.





Trade, Promotion & Collaboration

Commercial trade enquiries, including small orders, are welcome to which we can offer additionally disounted cash-wholesale prices. Enquiries from restaurants & bars about our barrels are most welcome. Also, we accept 'drop-shipping' (ie: your website selling our items for a commission) agreements with local websites for delivery within Malta and Gozo. 

Also, we would also consider positively any conventional or online collaboration for mutual promotion such as links or banner exchange with any Malta focused website or company (including competing ones) which can give benefits to both parties.

Contact Us

Renaissance Arts Company Limited, 3, Triq il-Hut, M'Scala  MSK 3503, Malta, Europe

VAT Registration Number:  MT16751619   
Tel:  +356 21 632623 Fax: +356 21 632623 

Affiliated Web Sites include: MaltaWebShop.Com MaltaWineGiftSelection.Com

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