MaltaWebShop.Com is pleased to offer Wooden Barrels, Kegs and Casks for Vinegar Making.
Wooden Vinegar Macerating Kegs - These wooden kegs are traditionally hand crafted from kiln dried East European oak staves which imparts special flavours into your home made vinegar. As can be noted, these kegs have a opening hatch with lid and handle that facilitates vinegar making and macerating. Quite hard to source from within Malta, this keg is currently available only in 10 litres.

A variety of food grade compatible taps are available if required at extra cost.

Model Reference VK05 - Vinegar Making Keg - Approx. Volume 5 Liters
Dimensions: Height 26cm, Weight 3 Kilos
Price: 95Euros including 18% VAT (out of stock)

Model Reference VK10 - Vinegar Making Keg - Approx. Volume 10 Liters
Dimensions: Height 30cm, Weight 5 Kilos
Price: 140Euros 100Euros including 18% VAT

Delivery: FREE within Malta
Vinegar Macerating Oak Keg
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